A New Dawn

This poem was first published on #penmancy and was the second runner up (april 20) in the monthly poetry writing contest



The milkman, the paperboy,

Or the presswala, don’t come knocking anymore.

Like the housemaid,

And the cook, they too no longer report for work.

Where have they gone?


The doorbell does not ring.

Its plaintive song in the core of our home is not heard.

The dog remains silent.

He does not bark in mad frenzy at the peal of the bell.

What has happened?


The streets are quiet too.

They no longer resound with honks, blares and such.

The housing society is mute.

The giggles, chortles and yells of the kids are absent.

Has something gone wrong?


The phones do not ring,

Neither do I hear the insistent ding of incoming messages.

There is no mad scramble.

My workstation now awaits me with a languid somnolence.

Has something changed subtly?



The mornings are now serene.

The birds come chirping more often, hopping at the sill.

The mewling cat at my doorstep

Purrs in content, in sync with the crows and cheeping sparrows.

Are they that happy?


The world seems to have changed.

It has shifted its balance and now revolves in placidity.

The universe seems calmer now.

As if it sits in a meditative trance, in deep introspection.

Is this a new dawn for mankind?


I am flummoxed.

I have questions, arisen out of my confusion and doubt.

I am struggling to comprehend

This new beat of the world that is so much more preferable.

It is better, is it not?

This poem was first published on penmancy and won third prize in their monthly poetry competition

Image Credit –  Carlos Machado via unsplash.com

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