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What comes to your mind when you hear the word - 'shattered'? Do you think of glass shattering? Or, perhaps the word brings to mind the shattering of lives? Well, if its the latter than you are not far out in your assessment of the theme of this book. But, that is where the similarity ends. This is not a book about sadness, despair or emotional angst. No! This is a book about silver linings and vanquishing your demons after picking up the shattered pieces of your life.

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Hiraeth, partition stories from 1947

HIRAETH is neither a book nor a compilation of short stories. NO! HIRAETH is a river of emotions that gently flows into the crevices of your heart. It seeps in through the open pores of your skin and it envelopes you like a gossamer veil. It stays with you like a haunting melody that keeps niggling. It is an avalanche of warmth that cascades down to deluge you.

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