About Sonal

Who am I?

Steve Jobs put it rather succinctly when he described people like me as ‘The round pegs in the square holes’.

So, am I a misfit? No, I think not.

I think I am just someone trying to define her space in the world. I am just trying to live up to my philosophy – Make the most of life because it is an opportunity that knocks once.

What do I do?

Well, I am an MBA in Finance and yet the founder of an HR consultancy. Yeah, I know…I know. But, remember I told you – a round peg in a square hole! So, anyway this consultancy is my bread and butter (www.rianplacements.com) primarily because I need money to fund my other interests. And, by gosh! I have so many of those…interests, I mean.

You see, I love to write. I am still dreaming about writing that book someday. But, for now I have to be content with being a published author in several anthologies and being a contributor to several literary platforms – ArtoonsInn, Penmancy, Momspresso and WomensWeb. Maybe someday, I will stop reviewing and criticizing my own work and muster up the courage to publish my own book. But, until that happens (and trust me, I am my worst critic) I continue to dream. Sigh! For now, you can read my short stories here https://onsonalstable.com/category/prose/ and my poems here https://onsonalstable.com/category/poetry/.

Now dreaming brings me to my other love – travel. Oh yes, I am a hodophile! I scrimp and save so I can plan my travels. I love going off the beaten paths, exploring unchartered areas and partaking in roadside/stall food. You can read more about my travel experiences here –     https://onsonalstable.com/category/travel-leisure/

And, it is these roadside cuisines that have influenced my cooking. That is my third interest. I love to putter in the kitchen. That’s my happy space. I get creative there and also get most of my creative ideas for writing, in there. Go figure! Anyhow, you can read about my experimentation here – https://onsonalstable.com/category/recipes/ or you can follow my foodgram on Instagram – @on_sonals_table.

Have I achieved anything?

Well, I believe I am still muddling along, trying to make sense of directions at the cross roads. But, there are some who think I am better than what I believe myself to be. These kind people give me the faith that I am on the right part. These magnanimous people have said some rather complimentary things about me. You can check that here – https://onsonalstable.com/accolades/

So, what next?

As I confessed, I am dreaming about publishing my own book – poetry or prose. That is definitely on the anvil in the near future. But, till that happens I am still trying to figure out how I fit in the big scheme of things. I am still trying to carve out my space.