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The She -Wolf

At the end of the Edwardian Era in England two things happened. One, the women’s suffrage movement gained momentum and two, Manfred Müller’s father, after two false starts, finally kicked the bucket bequeathing all his worldly possessions to his son.

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Miles and fears

‘Miles And Fears’ is an engaging fiction novel that speaks aloud about the fears a soldier’s family copes with when the soldier stands miles away to guard the nation. It is a romance novel that has been set in Kashmir and New Delhi.

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A mother’s goodbye

Three siblings in 2010s Kolkata: Avik (17), Mou (16), and Ishaan (8), grapple with their lives when their single mother, Deepa, disappears, leaving behind a note asking them to not look for her. While Avik and Mou try to take care of Ishaan, earn a living, and not get caught by authorities, they also try to put together pieces of the puzzle to figure out the woman who was their mother and the mystery behind her disappearance. While struggling with these issues, the teenagers find love, experience heartbreak, and come to terms with some of their own deeper truths.

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