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Kylie saves Dragonia

Kiley stopped where she was. With an astonished look on her face she said, “H... He... Help? You need my help?" Kiley and her cat Powette were enjoying a sunny day in the garden. Little did they know that their day was going to be filled with thrills and adventure. An unexpected visitor came to ask for their help to save his kingdom. Who was this visitor? Why did he need Kiley's help? Whom did he need to protect his kingdom from? Was Kiley able to help her visitor and save his kingdom? Read the story to know who was Kiley's surprise visitor and how did meeting him turn Kiley's normal day to one filled with adventure.

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Kings, Saviours & Scoundrels

Eternal Tales of India, Retold for the world. What if you could relive some glorious moments of our illustrious past? Meet the valiant warriors with great kindness and the courageous souls who thought out of the box. Know the origins of Vikram and Vetal. Salute the stellar women who took charge of their lives and the brave kings who trod on the righteous path. Laugh with some quirky villagers who are full of beans. Savour the heart-tugging friendships between the unlikely souls or the intrepidity of the creatures that won’t give up despite everything. Perceive the villainous deceit by the trusted. Rooted in the traditional storytelling of Indian legends, mythical beings, and their splendid adventures, Kings, Saviours and Scoundrels is a melting pot of entertaining kathas, selected from one of India's oldest classics, Somadeva's Katha Sarita Sagara.

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The absent citizen – the man who knew too much

Book title – The absent citizen…the man who knew too much Publisher –    self published by the author   Pages – 294 pages   Language – English Author–  Shashilaka Gadepally Available on – Purchase link – ——————————————————————————— ‘The absent citizen’ is a book about circumstances that can force a man …

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