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The truth about cat(s) and dog(s) people!

Apparently, according to the study, ‘dog lovers’ tend to be more lively and interactive. Such hoomans are more energetic and outgoing and pay more attention to civic rules i.e., are conformists (probably because they are so well trained in picking up dog poop!).  ‘Cat lovers’, on the other hand, are more introverted and passive. Such people prefer spending time indoors (sometimes they are reclusive) and quite often shun physical activity. According to the study, the ‘cat people’ also tend to be non-conformists, preferring to be expedient rather than follow the rules.

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3 reasons why women are opting to work from home after the pandemic

As a recruiter I find that women more than men are struggling to cope with this re-opening of offices. Let’s face it, working women pull a double shift in any case, don’t they? They have both the house and their office work to manage. Additionally, they bear the weight of expectations from both the family and their superiors because judgement is never ending. Saddled with a multitude of responsibilities, women need to discharge them all with an equal measure of competence - right? Being subpar is NOT an option!!

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Why does nudity define beauty in fashion?

Why must we unclothe a woman in the name of fashion? Why must we measure her beauty based on how comfortable she is in her nakedness? Why does nudity define the beauty of a woman in the fashion industry? What purpose is this nudity serving except titillating the male audiences?

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