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Why does nudity define beauty in fashion?

Why must we unclothe a woman in the name of fashion? Why must we measure her beauty based on how comfortable she is in her nakedness? Why does nudity define the beauty of a woman in the fashion industry? What purpose is this nudity serving except titillating the male audiences?

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The immortal debate

This story was written to a prompt on #ArtoonsInn –  #artalelegends5 The prompt – your MC has lived an uninteresting life. But, for the past month their life has changed dramatically. They have been invited to serve on the jury in a high profile trial involving two famous personalities. The …

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Associations of the Heart

  Gone… There is finality, absolutism in the word that cannot be denied. A child leaving the nest leaves a mother bereft. The feeling of nothingness that lingers is hard to overcome, isn’t it? It shadows you. What is left in the wake of the departure is a lifetime of …

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