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Daal Bukhara

Daal bukhara is a traditional North Indian dish made with pulses. Although, its Punjabi cousin ‘Maa ki Daal’ or ‘Daal makhani’ has gained more popularity over the years, I prefer this gentler version of the dish. It uses less ingredients and is more flavourful than its robust cousin. Its full …

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Come back, my dear

My dear… Do I miss you? Ah, that is an understatement. Does the dawn miss its dusk? Is the moon complete without the stars? Yes, it is sacrilege to ask, ‘Do I miss you?’ I wish… I had valued you more when I had you. Had I done that, mayhap, …

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Shards of Life

In the shards of the mirror Strewn around me, I see life scattered Peeking furtively From the jagged rims.   I see instances And I see incidents, Some long forgotten Some fresh Peeping from the corners.   Like life, the shards too struggle Do they not? At a semblance of …

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