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Chunky strawberry cookies

Little is known about the origin of the word strawberry but it is believed that most likely the word comes from the Old English streawberige because the plant sends out runners which could be likened to pieces of straw.

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Gluten free cranberry cookies (made with almond flour and maple syrup)

My cranberry cookies made with almond flour with maple syrup is one quick recipe. This recipe does not use white sugar as that is substituted by maple syrup or pancake syrup. The cookies are super quick to make and turn out moist and soft. I use cranberries for their anti oxidative properties but you can use blueberries, chocolate chips or any other dried fruit of your choice. The cookies taste delicious whatever you add to them. To spice up the cookie dough I prefer to add a little bit of cardamom powder. Trust me that makes all the difference in this. You can also add a cinnamon powder.

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Lotus stem with gramflour (kamalkakdi ki sabzi)

The stems have good vasodilator properties. They help in blood circulation in the body and also help to lower blood pressure. The stem lies beneath the slushy, muddy waters in which the plant grows and is technically called the rhizome. This is why it is commonly confused as a root, when in fact, it is a stem.

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