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Jury for writing challenge by Chrysanthemum chronicles

  Chrysanthemum Chronicles is an international literary magazine that publishes poetry, prose, short stories, literary fiction, articles, illustrations, artwork or anything eclectic. Chrysanthemum Chronicles is also a Publishing House that homage works of fiction, prose, literary fiction and short stories.

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Jury for Beyond the Box writing challenge

Beyond the box is an online platform that is on a mission is to help children and budding writers unbox the joy of writing and develop love for the written word. Their vision is to empower children by encouraging them to own their thoughts and expression. They constantly strive to …

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Bacon wrapped baked chicken legs

The best thing about baking chicken is that it’s fast, easy and simply delicious. There are literally hundreds of recipes out there and the best part is that as an ingredient, chicken is really easy to work with. It adapts well to innumerable marinades and can be paired with a number of spices. In fact, each culture around the globe has its own way of baking this accommodating meat.

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