Goya by Priya Bajpai

Hawk’s Flight




Tales with a twist

A fallen leaf

Arising from the dust

Blood Runs Cold

  • The curse of the millennial

    “Shit! This is the worst possible time to take a break,” I cursed under my breath as my thoughts homed in on the new client pitch in the coming week. “The timing is all f***** up,” I muttered as I mentally ran over the salient points that I wanted to pitch. My forehead furrowed. I arched my back to relieve the tightness. My neck felt stiff and I rolled my shoulders to work the suddenly sore muscles. But, that only brought momentary relief as always.

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  • Escape from murder!

  • By the clock!

  • Vakratunda Mahakaya

  • A bad mother!

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Asian style stir fried vegetables

Chinese food is probably one of the most popular cuisines in the world. And, why not! It’s easy to prepare, tastes great and satiates those food cravings so well. Like so many others the world around, my family too loves Chinese food especially my daughters. Hence, I prepare it often.  …

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Classic Murg tikka (chiken tikka)

If you have ever bitten into a classic roadside chicken tikka, you would know that nothing beats the taste of the char grilled meat which is slow roasted over a coal fire. A lot of these roadside vendors also use make-shift tandoors fashioned out of barrels. The taste is the …

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What do you see?

  Do you Peek into me when I peek into you? Do you Look at me when I look at you? Do you?   Tell me, what do you see?   A crumpled visage, Like the last cookie in the jar Guarding the vestiges of A faded youth within a …

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