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Ringa ringa roses

The characterization in the book is strong, as strong as the strong-willed protagonists that Neil has created. His protagonists are not lily-livered children with over-active, fertile imaginations. They are decisive thinkers and planners. They carry the weight of the stories on their puny shoulders.

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Eighty hours to save Karen

‘Eighty hours to save Karen’ is a book with such a vein of thrill in its body. The 69 page volume is the author’s first commendable attempt at writing a thriller. The storyline, sans any superfluous language, is straightforward and takes you straight into the mind of the protagonist Air Commodore Mathew Williams. The story explores the lengths to which a devoted grandfather would go to ensure the safety and well-being of his only grandchild, entrusted to his care.

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From the heart of a homemaker

The poet talks about how she yearns for some ‘My time’, away from the din of her life. She seeks it, searches for it because she realizes that it is much needed. The poet also challenges some societal notions by asking why it is that people think that the terms homemaker and ambition are divergent. Why does society automatically assume that a homemaker has no ambition?

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