Girl to Goddess – A Journey to Self-Discovery, Self-Love & Self-Worth

Book title – Girl to Goddess (A Journey to Self-Discovery, Self-Love & Self-Worth)

Publisher –  Penguin eBury Press  Pages –  294 pages   Language – English

Genre – poetry

Author – Nishi

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About the author –   Nishi is a poetess, spoken-word artist and a content creator on a mission to help people find their inner voice. She believes that we’re all hidden goddesses and angels who’ve forgotten our self-worth. To help people discover their true self, Nishi started voicing her realizations on Instagram under the pen name goddesswrites. You can visit her on Instagram @goddesswrites.

About the book – The thing about poetry is that it’s an insanely personal topic. What one person may take away from a poem may completely escape the other reader. The depth that one person may feel could seem completely shallow to another. Poetry is easy to read but it’s so difficult to connect to because it hits every individual differently. One size does not fit all here. And yet, to a large extent, I am confident that Nishi’s book will strike a chord with most readers.

This book is not just poetry. It is a woman’s life in its rawest representation. This book is pain, it is struggle, it is abject disappointment, it s grief at subjugation, it is the dawning of understanding, it is healing and it is every emotion that the feminine gender can feel. There is a visceral, raw voice in this book that rises from not the throat but the gut and it cries out to be heard – see me, hear me, feel me … you cannot be me but at least try to understand me!!

The poet has poured her heart out in her verses and the topics that she touches upon are deeply personal. Nishi is honest and brutally upfront about her own life and struggles and in doing so, she hopes that others may take a leaf out of her book and learn self-acceptance and growth.

The author’s note by Nishi touched me deeply and somehow that was when I knew that this book would change me as a person. It did, so thank you Nishi for that. To quote Nishi –

//…Honestly, I don’t know who will read this or who won’t. But I feel that only words allow me to breathe now. This voice that is suppressed inside my heart chokes me …//

Through this collection of insightful poems, Nishi takes the reader on a journey of mistakes, failures, fears, lessons, perspectives and realizations about life, love and everything in between.

The book is subdivided into three sections – Girl, to and goddess. The first section is a compilation of poems that take us through the journey of a girl’s innocence in this world and how that light is extinguished. The second part deals with pain and rediscovery. It is symbolic of discovery and rebuilding. The third section is a reaffirmation of the learning from section two. It’s about accepting that you are good enough. It’s about finally accepting that you are worthy, just as you are. Nishi’s verses are deeply insightful. They make one look within and re-evaluate one’s deepest emotions; the emotions that we tend to hide from even us. The book is like taking a look in the mirror, finding that you don’t like (may even hate) what you see reflected and then finding the courage, the strength to change that image.

Girl to Goddess is a moving book of poetry that speaks to the struggles of women and how women can summit those by taking control. Nishi’s writing is a testament to the power of self-reflection and the importance of finding the goddess within, and her words will resonate with readers long after they’ve turned the final page. They resonated with me.

Nishi sums up the book for me in her verses when she says – //We don’t need a reason to be happy, but we do need a reason to escape what makes us unhappy//

I recommend this book.

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