2021 – writing contest – ONE!


First birthdays are special, are they not?

This month, in March, On Sonal’s Table turns a year old. To celebrate I have an exciting contest lined up that will be judged by two eminent personalities. Who are they? Hmm…keep your knickers on people…all shall be revealed soon.

Since this site is zara hat ke and is my passion project, a place where I park all my hobbies, the contest that I have for you is also something – zara hat ke! (Different)

Here are the details for the contest titled ONE!

It will be open from 1st march 2021 till 20th March 2021. Results will be declared by first week of April.

So, what do you have to do?

You have to write a 500-700 word story. Only one entry per participant is allowed. The story should be in English language only. Glossary, title and any links in the story will be exempted from the word count of the story.

Can you write any kind of story?

Hell yes! Go crazy.

You can pick any genre and any topic to write on (horror, sci-fi, romance, historical, fantasy, any…) BUT, the story needs to meet the following criteria. Ah, stumped? Well, what is life without a few hurdles along the way? Nah! Don’t worry, these hurdles are easily surmountable.

What are the criteria to be kept in mind?

Well, these are the criteria/ingredients of the recipe that you have to keep in mind to create the perfect dish/story.

  1. Pick any one ‘title’ of any post from anywhere in my website (you could pick a prose, poetry, review, recipe, etc., any title). This title can be used anywhere in your story as long as you incorporate it seamlessly into your story. You can also use this title as the title of your story.
  2. Pick one animate character (yes, just one who shall be your protagonist and around whom the story will revolve). The character could be human or animal. Yes, yes…can be alien too. A maximum of ‘one’ (obviously!) supporting character is allowed.

Combine all the above ingredients in the pot of your thinking, stir in some imagination, season it with some whacky ideas, add some twists and turns, garnish with a generous dollop of your creativity and serve up one single dish…oops…story, I mean one single story.

So basically, you need to write one 500-700 word story that should have a title (incorporated in your story or as the title of it) taken from anywhere in my website and you need to ensure that your story has one main protagonist and a maximum of one (only one) more supporting character. That is all!

How will the stories be judged?

The stories will be judged on – a) adherence to the prompt, b) creativity, and c) language.

Who are the judges?

Hmm…that is a surprise. Stay tuned because we have a mini-contest lined up for that too.

Will there be any prizes?

Duh, of course! What’s a party without return gifts and giveaways?

The first three winners will receive surprise gifts from – On Sonal’s Table.


How do we send the entries in?

All entries have to be sent in a word document.

  • The title chosen from my website needs to be highlighted in bold in the story.
  • Label your document as – OST_(your name)_2021
  • Email them to – [email protected]
  • The contest starts on – 1th March 2021
  • The contest ends on – 20th March 2021
  • Results declaration – 1st week of April


For any queries you may write to me on [email protected]



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