La passaran … armistice … and peace they passed on…

Book title – La passaran … armistice … and peace they passed on…

Publisher –  Notion press      Pages – 208 pages   Language – English

AuthorKaushik Ghosh

Genre – Historical fiction

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About the author – Kaushik is a medical academician and a specialist physician who has authored numerous publications in the field of medical science including over sixty international articles and book chapters. He is an avid enthusiast of medical history especially during colonial India. ‘La passaran … armistice … and peace they passed on…’ is his first novel set during the Spanish civil war.

About the book – I received a copy of this book from the author.

‘La passaran … armistice … and peace they passed on…’ is historical fiction set during the Spanish civil war but one which in interwoven with the Indian freedom movement. The author takes inspiration from Dr Norman Bethune, a specialist doctor who embarked on a journey from Canada to China, passing through the battlefields of Spain. But, at the same time, his emphasis on the Indian freedom fighters – never slackens.

The engrossing book with beautiful illustrations is a gripping fictional narrative the cleverly employs historical references as it unfolds. History buffs would be able to draw similarities between wartime Europe and the freedom movement gaining momentum in India. The emotional parallels are stark and evident. The book is a story of human emotions, travails, relationships and associations; told in a poignant, dramatically engaging style. This is a story about the common people weather they lay-people or soldiers at the battlefront. This is a story about simple men faced with extraordinary circumstances. It’s a story about grit, courage, honour and passion which leads to the one thing that keeps us all going – hope – hope that peace will prevail!!!



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