Attitude – The s**t they never taught you!

Book title – Attitude – the s**t they never taught you

Publisher – penguin Random house Pages –  200   Language – English

Genre – self help

Authors – Adam Ashton & Adam Jones

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About the author –   Adam Ashton, a marketer and Adam Jones, an engineer are two Aussie blokes who love reading great books. Each week they share the best bits from the best books and interview the world’s top minds across genres, such as business, self-help, personal success, money, finance, etc. The idea is to help people improve every area of their lives, from health to wealth, from relationships to mindset. The authors inspire people to develop healthier habits and drop the ones that are holding them back.

About the book – Avid podcasters, Adam & Adam (podcast – what you will learn, launched in 2016) embody a deep love for knowledge which is very evident from the book. For the sake of understanding I am categorizing this as a self-help book. But, its much more than that. It’s a guide, its an ideology and it’s a lifestyle management technique; all rolled into one.

//Have you ever heard something so simple yet so profound that it made you say: “Why the hell didn’t someone teach me that earlier?!”//

The authors read inspiring stories of entrepreneurs, leaders, etc and that made them question – what is it that these people have and others don’t? The answer in a word was – attitude!

The book is divided into five areas or ‘vital lessons’ – vision, change, learning, fear and boldness – and ends in the authors’ conclusion.

If I had to pick my favourite parts of the book, I would say that I was enlightened by the sections on:

  1. Hierarchy of needs – it was enlightening to revisit this concept by Maslow that I studied almost 25 years back. Back then, it was a learning tool. Now, its more implementational and reflective.
  2. The beach bum and the millionaire – this chapter exhibits the graphs that people ride when they encounter success – the oscillating wave and the slight edge. The choice rests with us. Can we make a few, small, simple changes to our life to achieve our vision?
  3. Overcoming obstacles to change – the greatest obstacle to our success is not circumstances but we, ourselves. Can we overcome our laziness, impulsivity and inertia to cure ourselves?
  4. Conclusion – every person is different. Every person needs to pace themselves, take their turn at the wheel and gradually ease into the traffic of their life. That and only that will ensure that they do not fail.

This book leaves you with takeaways from a multitude of the world’s greatest thinkers. It captures lessons in personal and professional development/finance etc. Every lesson is useful. Every lesson is potentially life altering.

Afterall, attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference, no?


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