Naam, namak, nishan – the ultimate Indian Armed Forces quizbook

Book title – Naam, namak, Nishan – The Ultimate Indian Armed Forces Quizbook

Publisher – Penguin random house India  Pages –  216 pages   Language – English

Genre – general knowledge, trivia

Authors –  Anurakshat GuptaArnabh Sengupta, Hitesh Mahato,  Anmol DhawanSagnik Sarkar

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About the authors –   Gp Capt. (Dr) Anurakshat Gupta is a general surgeon for the Indian Air Force and has been associated with quizzing for over thirty years. Dr Hitesh Mahato is an alumnus of the Armed Forces Medical College (AMFC) Pune. He is a pathologist by day and a trivia monger pretty much all the time. Flt Lt (Dr) Arnabh Sengupta is a medical officer for the Indian Air Force.
Dr Anmol Dhawan is presently training in radiology and has spent most of his adult life participating in quizzes and taking exams. Sagnik Sarkar is a third-year medico at AFMC Pune and their current Quiz Club secretary.

About the book – I received a copy of this book from Penguin India for review.

Naam, namak, Nishan (the ultimate armed forces quizbook) – is a trove of information on the defence services. Being the daughter of a Fauji, I read the book in one go. I just could not put it down! Subdivided into 4 sections that take us through the history of India (right from the colonial era to war operations and traditions of the current times), the 115 questions in the book (backed by some lovely and relevant visuals and trivia) take us through an informational journey that leaves us more knowledgeable and aware.

Do you know who the Indian Navy’s Anti-Torpedo Decoy system is named after? Do you know who is the author of ‘across the black waters’? Do you know who was the first woman paratrooper in the Indian Army (way back in 1966)? Why was the ‘gin and tonic’ drink concocted/what is its history? Why was the intelligence bureau set up? What is the Indian Navy’s thought process while naming its establishments?

The authors of this book are all alumni of the Armed Forces Medical Clinic and flipping through the book it’s easy to understand their jasba towards their country.

This repertoire of information is a must read for anyone preparing for competitive examinations. It is chock-full of general knowledge and perhaps, who knows, after reading it, it may transform some of us into more patriotic Indians? The book certainly invokes a deep sense of pride in the nation.

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