Book title – Women.Mutiny (an Inspiring Short Story Collection)

Publisher –  Women’s Web     Pages –  112 pages    Language – English

Author – An anthology by Women’s Web

Price – ₹ 150 on kindle and  ₹0/- on kindle unlimited

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Are women mutinous by nature? Are they always spoiling for a fight, propelled by some cavewomen instinct perhaps? Is disharmony and discord in their nature? Well, that is what it would seem from the title of this book – correct?

You could not be more wrong!

Women.Mutiny is an anthology of short stories by Women’s Web. But, contrary to what the title of the book would suggest, these are not stories of discord. These are stories of strength and path-breaking realizations. These are stories of those women (fictional and inspired by real life) who chose to go against set patriarchal norms and decided to meet life headlong.

Were they scared? Did they feel alone and helpless? Yes, they did.

In the words of Franklin D Roosevelt – Courage is not the absence of fearbut rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear. These women understood that. They knew that in order to create their space in the world, they would have to embrace courage and meet their fear headlong. They could not let their ‘fears crash and drown them’. And, that courage and only that would ensure their path to freedom and liberty. These are stories of women who were dealt a weak hand by fate and yet instead of ‘waiting patiently, for revenge’, they chose to surge ahead like an untamed river ruffling over a cataract. They chose to slake thirsts instead of blazing a path with fire.

Be it the question of a ‘choice’ to take a step back before you ‘survive a code blue’ situation in your life and ‘fly free’ or contemplating, over a cup of ‘ginger tea’ the ‘sacrifices (in vain?)’ you have made in your role as a ‘mother’; these stories have all the answers. They contain in themselves how ‘Yashoda’s lament’ can be linked to ‘women, rising’ and how ‘pushing away the cobwebs’ and embracing the ‘shadow between’ can lead to ‘a game change’ and can help you to find your ‘soul mates’. That can be a real ‘gift’, no?

Pick up this book and partake in the happiness that can be got from ‘a mouthful of golgappas’ or learn how ‘humpty dumpty had a great fall (psst…it is not what you learned as a kid or always thought) or simply sit back and read how ‘the story whisperer as born’. You will love this book. Trust my judgement, I am a woman and I am a mother and don’t ‘mothers, know us better than ourselves?’

Edited by Sandhya Renukamba and Madhur Dave, this is a beautiful collection of uplifting stories that leave you with a deep sense of confidence and gratitude. The cover design is by Anju Jayaram. The language of the book is delightful. It is clear that the stories have been written by some formidable voices.



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