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3 reasons why women are opting to work from home after the pandemic

As a recruiter I find that women more than men are struggling to cope with this re-opening of offices. Let’s face it, working women pull a double shift in any case, don’t they? They have both the house and their office work to manage. Additionally, they bear the weight of expectations from both the family and their superiors because judgement is never ending. Saddled with a multitude of responsibilities, women need to discharge them all with an equal measure of competence - right? Being subpar is NOT an option!!

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In the words of Franklin D Roosevelt - Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear. These women understood that. They knew that in order to create their space in the world, they would have to embrace courage and meet their fear headlong.

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A bad mother!

‘You are useless,’ he says. ‘You are such a bad mother. Why did you have a baby if you cannot take care of it? It’s a woman’s job to take care of the child. Aren’t you ashamed to behave like this?’

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