Hawk’s Flight

Book title – Hawk’s Flight

Publisher – Room publications, ArtoonsInn        Pages – 188    Language – English

Author – anthology

Price – ₹ 0/- for the Kindle unlimited edition and ₹ 249/- for the paperback

Available on – Amazon


Hawk’s flight is the second anthology publication by Room9 publications form ArtoonsInn. The book is a compilation of fifteen brilliant short stories. The stories encompass multiple genres. But, what I found particularly noteworthy was the fact that even though the stories have been written by fifteen different people, the language in the book is uniform. I credit that to the book’s brilliant editing.
The law of the jungle– This is a story for all animal lovers. This anthropomorphic tale whisks a reader off to a fantasy setting and characters that appear strait out of a book like ‘The Jungle Book’. Wit and droll humour are the trademarks of this piece and the writer has dipped her pen in the well of emotions to make the story endearing. A sweet read.
The Lizard on the wall – What if one day your conscious came to life, like – literally? What do you think it would say to you? Would it rebuke you? Would it berate you? Would it needle into every vestige of your sanity? Or, perhaps, it would do none of this. Perhaps, it would merely part the clouds of obscurity and show you a clear path that you need to follow. Well, think about it and if you need pointers, tsk…tsk…read the story.
Krishna’s bride – Every closet has skeletons, isn’t it so? Drawing an analogy from that it would be prudent to say that every great nation, even one with an illustrious past like India, has archaic practices and rituals that the populace clings to? This story explores one such practice – Devadasis. It is a heartbreaking portrayal of the life of a woman caught in a situation that spans much of her lifetime. An eye-opening read.
The Ballad of Warsaw– The annals of history are home to many tragic love stories. This story is an adaptation from the Malayalam novel ‘Indulekha’. However, the similarity ends at the inspiration part. This story is very different from the original. Set in Poland, it traces the life of Maczysz and Isabella and their star crossed love. The highlight of this story is its brilliant language.
The trigger – If you are a Sci-Fi buff then this story is definitely for you. Written by a doctor, who has created characters that take inspiration from medicine, this is a story that juxtaposes science and emotions and whisks you to a setting that is sure to rivet you. The writer takes you on an odyssey with Whitney. To know where she goes, read the story.
Lucifer’s remorse– Did you know that Lucifer, the lord of hell, was actually an angel? He was God’s favourite child. Alas, his ego cost him and God banished him to hell. Lucifer became the stuff of stories that we have read – evil incarnate. But, did he transform as is depicted in literature or theology? Or, did he rue his impetuousness? This story is a fictional attempt to delve into his emotions.
Atka – This is a beautiful story which has an Alaskan malamute as a protagonist. But, this is not an anthropomorphic tale. This is a tale of grit and determination. It is a story about being presented with a choice and the consequences of the choice that change destiny. Read it to understand the subtle undercurrent of emotions that this tale holds.
Game of words – A heart-warming tale about a child called Vani who suffers from Apraxia of speech. This is one of my favourite stories in the book. The characterization is spot on and the settings are relatable. This is a tale of pure perseverance. It exhibits just how much is possible with just a bit of belief and encouragement. A warm read.
The gift of autumn– This is a soft story that wraps around you like a gossamer veil. Adapted from O Henri’s story ‘The gift of the Magi’ this is a tale of love and sacrifice that is sure to haunt you. It has beautifully crafted scenarios, strong characterization and a tumult of emotions that make this one a must-read.
Second Chance – Now, this is a story that I most liked in the book. I have read the author’s work earlier too and have been impressed each time. This story too did not disappoint. This one has well-crafted characters, perfectly outlined scenarios and there is not a misplaced sentence in its entire length. Take your time with this one. Let it sit with you to enjoy it.
The polymath – This is a story set in the fourteenth and fifteenth century and is moulded after the life of Leonardo Di Vinci (the author has taken some creative liberties). The research, the plotline, the characterization and the language – all brilliant! Each paragraph of the story meshes seamlessly into the next and makes for a very compelling narrative.
Dreams fulfilledThis is a story that explores the lives of people when they hear that they have just 120 days to live. What if Earth ceased to exist after 120 days? What would you do? Would you continue your mundane life or would you do anything differently? This story traces the psychology behind the decisions taken by people from various walks of life. Read it. Perhaps, you may identify with one such character?
Through the holocaust– this is a story that will stay with me for a long, long while. The language is so beautiful. The writer has expertly instituted metaphors and analogies in the text to set a tone that is as haunting as it is heart-wrenching. This story will compel you to visualize the scenes as you read them and it will leave you with a lasting impression.
Unshackled – This SOC style narrative will make you feel the story along with the protagonist. You will not need to visualize the story for, believe it or not, you will see it. You will see it happen as if it were a reel playing in front of your eyes. This one is an immersive experience. Experience it to understand it.
The lover inside me– This story is another masterpiece by a writer I do so admire. Set in a historical era, this story explores ill-fated love. Why does love between a man and a woman need acceptance from others? Why does the pure love that transcends community, religion or cast; face opposition? And, can they ever be a peaceful end? To delve into these questions, read the story.
All in all, I would say that this book is one of the best anthologies out there. Grab your copy and I assure you that you shall not be disappointed.

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