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The word ‘Goya’ is an Urdu word that refers to a suspension of disbelief particularly through stories. And, is that not exactly what short stories are meant to be – an immersive experience of reading which transports a reader to the make believe world created by the author? Are not stories meant to be escapes and glimpses into a world that offers entertainment? In my opinion stories are meant to be addictive therapy but of the good, doctor prescribed kind.

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The woman in the window – A J Finn

Book title – The woman in the window Publisher – Harper Collins Author – A J Finn Price – ₹ 399/-                          Pages – 427                     Language – English Available on – Amazon If you were haunted by your past, by the events that decreed how your future would be, what would …

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Hiraeth, partition stories from 1947

HIRAETH is neither a book nor a compilation of short stories. NO! HIRAETH is a river of emotions that gently flows into the crevices of your heart. It seeps in through the open pores of your skin and it envelopes you like a gossamer veil. It stays with you like a haunting melody that keeps niggling. It is an avalanche of warmth that cascades down to deluge you.

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