You Must Do The Things That You Think You Cannot Do


What is the thing that you thought you could never do?

Was it riding a bike, swimming or even just besting a problem or two?

Did you take the bull by its horns, grasp the chance to learn & try?

Or did you just sit around, despair, wring your hands and cry?

What was it that held you back, hindered your path with a stone stray?

Did you turn back or continue on ahead, to overcome pray?


Tell me…

Would it not that be life’s biggest irony of all,

That God’s gives us brains to use and we still falter & fall?

Girl, You Must Do The Things That You Think You Cannot Do

For there is no point in doing what you can already sail through!

The things that you have done, achieved, accomplished and learnt

They should further compel and not let your resolve get burnt.



What is the purpose of a quest that leaves you unchallenged?

Can you honestly say you tried if you did not pursue the unimagined?

If you do not chase after a dream that you have long cherished

How can you hope to achieve, to later have a memory treasured?

Do you not want one day to look upon memories of success?

If so, then propel yourself and evolve from your comfortable state of stasis.


O Woman…

There is still time to rise, explore and venture forth in the world.

Accomplish, achieve & tower above all passionately with your fist curled.

Own your life, own up to your dreams, let desire roam free

Stand up resolute, take charge and like a mighty Banyan be.

Spread your wings, test your waters and do something new today

Let there not be any regrets tomorrow that you forgot to live yesterday.



About Sonal Singh

I believe that life is a repertoire of anecdotes. The various situations that we encounter, the many incidents of every day, the people we meet, our conversations with them; all make life a melange of tales. And, that is what I attempt to capture through my writing. My cooking is no different! It reflects my love for travel and my love for innovation. The kitchen is my happy place. So, even though by vocation I am a recruiter (, by passion I am a writer, home chef and a hodophile.

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