Book title – Goya

Publisher – Room9 Publications   Pages – 108 pages    Language – English

Author – Priya Bajpai

Price – ₹ 249 for the paperback and  ₹0/- on kindle unlimited

Available on – Amazon.in

Purchase link – https://www.amazon.in/Goya-Priya-Bajpai-ebook/dp/B08P9BM4SW/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=goya&qid=1615012398&sr=8-2


The word ‘Goya’ is an Urdu word that refers to a suspension of disbelief particularly through stories. And, is that not exactly what short stories are meant to be – an immersive experience of reading which transports a reader to the make believe world created by the author? Are not stories meant to be escapes and glimpses into a world that offers entertainment? In my opinion stories are meant to be addictive therapy but of the good, doctor prescribed kind.

The book Goya is that and much, much more. It is a quick, brief read and the perfect book to pick up for some light, late night or weekend reading. It is a compilation of 27 short stories that take you on a kaleidoscopic journey brimming with drama, thrill, scientific enquiry and engagement.

Now, I know what you are thinking. You are probably thinking how a 100 odd page book can have 27 stories and still manage to leave a reader with a sense of fulfilment. I agree that when we read short stories, we do so mostly to while away time. We read and forget them as soon as their contribution to alleviating our ennui is over. Rarely does a 500-word story linger in our mind, at least not the way a 3000 or a 5000-word story would. But, that is where you would be surprised with Goya. The stories in Goya may be short but they pack an emotional punch. They leave you with a lingering feeling of satisfaction, the kind that comes from reading good text written by a talented author.

The language of the book is taut and direct. Priya has not wasted words on unnecessary figures of speech or verbosity. Her style of writing is much more succinct and lucid. She manages to convey emotions through an admixture of lengthy and short sentences drafted keeping the emotional quotient of the text in mind. And, that is no mean task considering that her stories delve into a plethora of topics and genres. We have Science fiction, time travel, a murder mystery, ancient history, horror and what not! I absolutely loved the story – Murder in the palace. It is the main story of the book but it was actually the presentation and also the research that went into it that wowed me. The story is complex and yet under Priya’s deft handling, it is an easy, engaging read.

If you haven’t already read the book, do pick it up today.



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