The curse of Magdala

Book title – The curse of Magdala

Publisher – Vishwakarma publications   Pages – 234    Language – English

Author – Col. Ashutosh Kale

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The combination of mythology and history is not new to Indian readers. But, Col. Ashutosh Kale brings to us the combination of history + horror – That’s new and refreshing! His book, the curse of Magdala is a unique and thrilling perspective into the Abyssinian history.

This is a book inspired by true events and it runs parallel in two time periods in its retelling and fictional element. The story line is unique and I especially loved the minute attention to detail that the author has given to his locations and characters. Those alone lend the book an authentic flavour and add vastly to the credibility of the text. I truly appreciated those.

What is of particular note are the descriptions of the troops, the preparations and the details of the long journey that they embark upon. Col. Kale, with his background in the military has tediously supplemented his work with enough information to acquaint the reader about the situation, military regimental discipline, etc. That ensures that even someone with no background in the military can understand the life and hardships that troops endure.

The book is fast-paced and the construction of the sentences is brief, almost military-precision like (no pun intended here) and that adds to the pace at which the book is to be read in order to imbibe the thrill of the quest. And, thrilling it is! Oh, yes!!

Another thing that I loved about the book is the effort the author has taken to bring Ethiopian history to the reader. We, in India, do not know much about it and this book is a lesson in it.

This is a book that you will enjoy. This is a book that will suck you in and take you on the quest as the troops march. It will make you sit back and reflect – is bloodshed, is war, ever the answer?

Pick it up. You won’t be disappointed even though it leaves the reader on a cliff-hanger.

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  1. Let my appreciation goes to colonel Kale for his extra effort to prepare the book. Thanks for that. But it is impossible to get/buy it for us- Ethiopians, since no access it in hard copy or cant buy online since no required currency; therefore, any help on way on how to buy it.

    Thanks for your help

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