Pugmarks and carbon footprints

Book title – Pugmarks and carbon footprints

Publisher –  Penguin random house India  Pages –  240 pages   Language – English

Genre – humour, wildlife

Author – Rohan Chakravarty

Available on – amazon.in

Purchase link – https://www.amazon.in/Pugmarks-Carbon-Footprints-Rohan-Chakravarty/dp/0143459899/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1H1L9XKWCCA9C&keywords=pugmarks+and+carbon+footprints&qid=1689576497&sprefix=pugmarks+and+carbon+footprints%2Cspecialty-aps%2C208&sr=8-1


About the author –   Rohan Chakravarty, notorious for rolling up into a ball like a pangolin to avoid meeting people, is a cartoonist, illustrator and the creator of Green Humour, a series of cartoons, comics and illustrations on wildlife and nature conservation. Cartoons from Green Humour appear periodically in newspaper columns, magazines and journals. Illustrations from Green Humour have been used for several projects and campaigns on wildlife awareness and conservation. Rohan is also the author of The Great Indian Nature Trail (WWF India) and Bird Business (BNHS), and has won awards by UNDP, Sanctuary Asia, WWF International, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Publishing Next for his work.

About the book – I received a copy of this book from Penguin India for review and I cannot thank them enough for introducing me to the work of this amazingly talented individual.

Pugmarks and carbon footprints is the first of Rohan’s books that I have read and I am enthralled even though it is essentially a comic book. His comic timing is as impeccable as is his satire. I love reading both!

The book is a satirical, quirky collection of gag cartoons and comic strips featuring wildlife/nature as protagonists. Isn’t that just lovely? What better way to teach ourselves and our next generation than by pictorial depictions? The language is easy to follow but younger children may need parental guidance to decipher some of the satire.

The book is a mirthful comic book but it is replete with wisdom that is imparted in a subtle and deft manner. Nothing is too-in-the-face. The information is like a gentle nudge, a reminder to do things the right way before it is too late. Each page, each comic strip tackles topics such as wildlife – their life and dangers, ecology, the ecosystem, threats to the environment, human involvement in the threat, and other interesting titbits of information about animals and nature. There is a lot of interesting trivia too.

The book delves into the connection that animals share with us and also dips into the threats that we and others pose to the environment. The cartoons are reproductions of those already published in various magazines and newspapers and the author has given due credit in the footnotes.

This is a beautiful compilation of wisdom that we must impart to our next generation. I recommend this to parents with young, impressionable minds at home. I look forward to reading more of Rohan’s fantastic work!


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