Goya by Priya Bajpai

Hawk’s Flight




Tales with a twist

A fallen leaf

Arising from the dust

Blood Runs Cold

  • The curse of the millennial

    “Shit! This is the worst possible time to take a break,” I cursed under my breath as my thoughts homed in on the new client pitch in the coming week. “The timing is all f***** up,” I muttered as I mentally ran over the salient points that I wanted to pitch. My forehead furrowed. I arched my back to relieve the tightness. My neck felt stiff and I rolled my shoulders to work the suddenly sore muscles. But, that only brought momentary relief as always.

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  • Escape from murder!

  • By the clock!

  • Vakratunda Mahakaya

  • A bad mother!

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Where the crawdads sing

You laugh at the innocent delight she finds in non-human friends. Your heart contracts when she bemoans the betrayal of those she has loved. You expel a frustrated breath, gnashing your teeth when life’s travails unleash their mammoth and continuous onslaught on her.

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Mughlai Keema pockets (mughlai parantha)

It is a spicy pocket of food that is made out of flour that is stuffed with cooked minced meat or a stuffing of choice and then deep fried. Best served with a liberal dollop of tangy mint chutney, this paranta makes for a super tasty food to carry on picnics or even in the school tiffin box.

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