I am obsessed with cleanliness. You will understand the extent as you read this blog, I mop and disinfect my floors at least twice a day. Those who know me would vouch for the fact that my house is always neat and sparkling clean.

I am propelled by my motherly protective instincts to ensure that my children do not walk or sit or play on contaminated, microbe ridden floors. I ensure that even their washed clothes are germ-free and that anything that they touch in the house poses the least risk of passing any infection to them (fungal, viral, bacterial, you name it).

As a mother, I believe that I can never do enough to disinfect the environment that I raise my children in. Isn’t that what you do too?

It would not be surprising for you to know that I scour the market for every possible range of disinfectant, sanitizer and fabric wash. I troll the online shopping sites and spend a small fortune on brands. Often, the search is as exhausting as the activity of disinfecting. And, my quest to find the best disinfectant products seemed like an unending journey until now, when I found the perfect one.

I found the ChemtexBioBubbleFloorCoat, a miraculous product that negates the need to mop and disinfect the floor every few hours. What a huge relief that is!

Now, I use this wonderful FloorCoat for my floors just once (yes, you read that right) and that let’s me keep my house contamination and germ-free for the next seven days. Yes, you read that right too…I did say seven days! Amazing, right!

I am a working mom of two kids and my husband is based in another city. I am pulling a double shift. I need to balance my work and my home life. I need to ensure that I spend maximum time with my kids but sometimes the house work impedes me from doing so. My anxiousness, like every other mother, to ensure that I provide a germ free environment to my children leads me to a situation, where I spend a lot of time cleaning, those hours which should have been utilized as quality time spent with my kids. The BioBubbleFloorCoat is an absolute blessing in such a scenario. Also, it’s worth every penny, since 1 bottle lasts up to 1.5 months and coversapproximately5,000 sq ft. Oh! Did I tell you that it’s kid and pet friendly! Did I also not mention that it leaves an amazing fragrance post application! The product works by taking a preventive approach in barring microbial contamination and pathogen build-up on surfaces by forming a defensive coat on them which prevents the virus attacks.

And, that is not all.

The best part is the complete basket of disinfectant products that the company – – offers. They cater to every possible de-contamination need and I have found my succour in their anti-virus coating kit called ‘ChemtexBioBubbleHomeKit’. The thoughtfully assembled kit aims at giving all round protection and has products for Hands, Electronics, Non-Electronics Fabric and Floor. I mean, what more can a beleaguered mother want?

The BioBubbleHandCoatis an antivirus hand coating foam which keeps our hands protected for up to 24 hours or till the next soap wash. My kids use it not only because it’s alcohol free but also leaves the skin moisturized. They apply it when they go to play with their friends or even when they come back because honestly, kids touch each and every hidden corner of the house.

With the BioBubbleElectroCoat, I no longer feel the compulsive need to disinfect my electronics like phone/laptop/calculator/electrical switches, and non-electronics like doorknobs/handles/tabletop/waterbottle every other day. Just one spray ensures protection for up to 15 days. Isn’t that simply awesome?

I even use the BioBubbleFabriCoat to keep clothes germ free. One dip into FabriCoat lasts up to 20 regular washes! And this can be used on Fabric masks, school uniforms, office and daily wears as well. The Fabric conditioner not only make the clothes feel soft but also add a fresh aroma to it.

The whole range provides 99.9% germ protection and is non-toxic and safe for even toddlers.

I would say, this has helped me to do away with the need for daily disinfection services by bringing in a more proactive approach to prevent surface based cross transmission of various diseases.

You know what that means for me?

It means ease of mind. It means being able to provide all round protection for my kids and still being able to spend quality time with them, every single day.

Isn’t it exactly what you want too?

So, my question to you is BioBubble#KiyaKya?




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