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Today, the situation demands that we maintain a sanitized, disinfected environment at home and around us. Believe me when I say that I spend a small fortune, literally thousands of rupees, on sanitization products. And, I am quite fanatical about disinfecting the house and the passage outside the house. People, friends and family, visiting my house have to wear masks as advised by the WHO, and wash and sanitize their hands immediately on arrival.

However, despite my best efforts, imagine my horror when the virus managed to infiltrate my house.  My husband, Sameer, got infected and my anxiety levels hit the roof. I was worried about his recovery and about keeping the environs around him sanitized. Additionally, I was also anxious about keeping my aged in-laws and my children safe. My mother-in-law has diabetes and my father-in-law is hypertensive. I could not afford to have them infected at any cost. I spent days in a state of constant mental duress. And, my mind constantly agonized – Is isolating Sameer enough? What if isolation is not enough to keep us all safe? Is there anything more that I can do? Is there any additional precaution that I can take? Are there any products that I can use to ensure the highest level of disinfection so that the virus does not spread to us all?

Mental agony

As my husband recuperated, my stress levels sky-rocketed, fed by the constant dose of fear. I turned into an overanxious harridan, something that is absolutely contrary to my nature. I took every conceivable precaution but my mind still jibed – ‘Are you sure this will be enough? What if it is not enough? What if you missed disinfecting something?’ – Further compounding my anxiety. The news reports that the virus spreads through air, toilet water, etc; only exacerbated my anxiety to panic. If the reports were true then the precautions that I was taking to disinfect my house were not enough. My husband was still recuperating and now it seemed as if my children and in-laws were at risk from all factors – biological, environmental, etc. I was utterly distraught!

But, what could I do more?

The mental anguish ate me up. Thankfully, I learned of Urban Company and their home disinfection service. Halleluiah! I had a solution to my problems. Phew! Believe me when I say that some of my stress lifted off of my shoulders just by booking this service.

So, what was my experience like with UC?

Fantastic! Yes, truly.

The Urban Company technicians are highly trained and polite, offering only the top-most level of disinfection service. The technicians who came to my home took full precautions. I was impressed to see that they changed into a full PPE kit with a mask, gloves, face shield/goggles etc, before they entered my house. They used only hospital grade chemicals (Virex II 256 chemical) that are certified by US EPA as effective against corona virus and followed the rigorous five-step disinfection SOP laid down by UC for complete and safe sanitization of customers’ homes.

Could I have asked for more?

Honestly…NO! But, I did get more because the technicians paid special attention to disinfecting high touch surfaces and disinfected even nooks and crannies that I had considered inconsequential. That was an eye-opener for me. I had not even considered some of those areas as potential breeding grounds for infection.

What has been the outcome of this experience?

Happily, post recovery of my husband, the infection did not spread. My kids, in-laws and I remained safe. I can’t tell you what a huge relief it was to not have the infection spread. More than the top-notch service, what UC offered me was peace of mind.

Now, all I do is to take care of the regular cleaning of my house. I no longer bother with extensive disinfection of my house. I leave that to the experts i.e., Urban Company.

You can check out details here – https://youtu.be/CNCWEnNak8A

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