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The mistress of Bhatia house

Book title – The mistress of Bhatia house Publisher – Penguin   Pages –  432 pages    Language – English Genre – drama Authors –  Sujata Massey Available on – amazon.in Purchase link – https://www.amazon.in/Mistress-Bhatia-House-Sujata-Massey/dp/0143463519/ref=sr_1_2?crid=EZKM9UN9CQQL&keywords=the+mistress+of+bhatia+house&qid=1694403590&sprefix=the+mistress%2Caps%2C292&sr=8-2 ************************************************** About the author –   The author was born in England to a father from India …

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The Indian Cafe in London

Book title – The Indian café in London Publisher – EP publishers   Pages –   318  Language – English Genre – drama Author – Veena Nagpal Available on – amazon.in Purchase link – https://www.amazon.in/Indian-Cafe-London-Veena-Nagpal/dp/8190590375/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1WYI4WIY720UU&keywords=the+indian+cafe+in+london&qid=1689395385&sprefix=the+indian+cafe+in+london%2Caps%2C218&sr=8-1 ************************************************** About the author –   Veena Nagpal is tiny but she’s fierce! She has always fiercely …

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Eighty hours to save Karen

‘Eighty hours to save Karen’ is a book with such a vein of thrill in its body. The 69 page volume is the author’s first commendable attempt at writing a thriller. The storyline, sans any superfluous language, is straightforward and takes you straight into the mind of the protagonist Air Commodore Mathew Williams. The story explores the lengths to which a devoted grandfather would go to ensure the safety and well-being of his only grandchild, entrusted to his care.

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