From the heart of a homemaker

Book title – From the heart of a homemaker (poetry)

Publisher – Amazon        Pages – 32    Language – English

Author – Soumya Bharathi

Price – ₹ 0/- for the Kindle unlimited edition and ₹ 49/- for kindle

Available on – Amazon



A collection of poems that are exactly what they claim to be – from the heart of a homemaker.

Soumya Bharathi starts off the book by talking about the many identities that we, as people, don in our lives. We shed some and we retain some. And, you know what the irony in all this is? It is that even though as a woman, a homemaker dons the maximum number of identities, hers still gets pushed down farthest when it comes to the family.

The poet talks about how she yearns for some ‘My time’, away from the din of her life. She seeks it, searches for it because she realizes that it is much needed. The poet also challenges some societal notions by asking why it is that people think that the terms homemaker and ambition are divergent. Why does society automatically assume that a homemaker has no ambition?

The poem ‘old shoes’ is an allegorical take on things that we leave behind and are yet unable to discard because they form the fabric of our strength and memory. Even in the cacophony that permeates our life, it is moments of solitude that we crave, looking at old, familiar things.

The poem ‘Middle ground’ is yet another wonderful take on the institution of marriage where two people start off as equals but somehow the homemaker woman gets relegated to the back. The couple walk the same path and yet their paths never meet after marriage. And, when that happens it is as if cobwebs have been spun around the person, but these are ones that a broom cannot clean.

The poem ‘Multitasking’ is an ode to the work that a homemaker gets done and how even though she works hard, she get defined by only one space in the house – the kitchen. Even the simple joys of life pass her by as she toils in the kitchen and she wishes that she could just shrug off the cloak of invisibility that seems wrapped around her because of which no one is able to see the real her.




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