Eighty hours to save Karen

Book title – Eight hours to save Karen

Publisher – Amazon        Pages – 69   Language – English

Author – Sitharaam Jayakumar

Price – ₹ 0/- for the Kindle unlimited edition and ₹ 99/- for kindle

Available on – Amazon


The thing about thrillers is that they are all based on the tenet of a gripping mystery. Without the mystery, they fall flat. Now, even if the mystery is an oft repeated trope, if the treatment is fresh, it will grip a reader and give them edge-of-the-seat titillation.

‘Eighty hours to save Karen’ is a book with such a vein of thrill in its body. The 69 page volume is the author’s first commendable attempt at writing a thriller. The storyline, sans any superfluous language, is straightforward and takes you straight into the mind of the protagonist Air Commodore Mathew Williams. The story explores the lengths to which a devoted grandfather would go to ensure the safety and well-being of his only grandchild, entrusted to his care.

Karen is struck by a strange illness that seems to affect only her. What is wrong with her? What is her affliction? Is it supernatural in nature or is it just an unusual medical phenomenon, perhaps, even an anomaly?

Well, read the book to find out more. I recommend reading it in one go (not difficult as it is only 69 pages). This is a worthy debut by the author.



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