Myriad of Dreams – poetry

Book title – Myriad of dreams – poetry

Publisher – Notion press        Pages – 202    Language – English

Author – Nisha Tandon

Price – ₹ 66/- for the Kindle edition and ₹ 229/- for the paperback

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For some people, poetry speaks the language of their soul. Their deepest emotions, their fondest yens and their dreams find a voice through the poetry that they write.

Nisha Tandon is one such poetess who gives us a peek into her soul via the beautiful interplay of her verses. Myriad of dreams is her third poetic offering. The 202 page volume contains 75 poems on various topics. It would not be wrong to call them Nisha’s musings. Each poem begins with a beautiful quote and an accompanying image to orient the reader about what to expect in the poem. The poems are free-verse and written in a descriptive, free-flowing style.

Between the pages of this book are lovingly cradled a plethora of emotions. As you read, Nisha takes you through pages that invite you to enjoy nature and its elements and gently nudge you to sit, relax and introspect about yourself, about those around you and about life. However, the shift in mood in the book is not sudden. Like a day bright with sunshine and warmth gently sighs into the embrace of the cool, bedecked night; Nisha’s poems lead you down the path of self-discovery and love. Each nugget is presented with such transparent candour that you cannot miss its relevance to your life.

Even as they envelop you in their beauty, the poems force the reader to think. They challenge notions, question life and practices, delve into the uncharted so that at the end you emerge a person with a different perspective.


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