Where are the lilacs?

I was introduced to Dr. Santosh Bakaya’s work by my mother. Every day since then, I have thanked her because from the moment I picked up her first book, I was hooked. It seems to me that she always writes what I love to read. Yes, the connection is that deep and that personal. I have been negligent by not posting reviews of her books. I shall be doing so now over the next few months.

Book – where are the lilacs?

Hmm…What can I say about this book that does not come out sounding clichéd? Published by #authorspress the book is a compilation of poems on peace. If the foreword by Reena Prasad does not blow you away then the Author’s note surely will. The first half of the book reads like a gentle sparge on a, particularly hot day. And, just when you have sunk into that drunken state of imminent slumber, the second half jars you awake with poems on world peace (the references have been taken from real-life incidents). The subtle shift in the tone of the book for me was one of the highlights. It made me take note. I do have a few favorite lines from the book that I am reproducing.

  1. Poem – and the rain pours, page 31- //The pine trees toss their boughs, The lone Elm benevolently roars, And the pain pours//

  2. Poem – the peace song of a mermaid, page 38 – //The Casanova moon philanders with the untethered clouds, tangoing and waltzing like dancers adroit//.

  3. Poem – the air with a bipolar disorder, page 44 (this is my favorite poem in the entire book – //suffused with the fragrance of myriad blossoms, the gentle breeze is out to tease, the stalks of grass, the petal, the flowers, the trees, and bowers//

I could literally ramble on and on about this book because the poems touched me deeply. Santoshji, thank you for writing this so that people like me could find their solace in it.

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