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The People Tree

Do you want to read stories that will take you to places all over this country and to faraway lands? Do you also want to read stories that will take you back in time—decades, even centuries? Then you must taste the fruit of The People Tree. Here are fourteen stories for you, a veritable potpourri of tales, each different from the other in style and substance. From the Khalistan insurgency in Punjab to a glimpse of the Mumbai underworld. From a doomed love affair in Hyderabad to a mature gay relationship. From a lifelong friendship formed in unusual circumstances to the pangs of a schoolboy crush to robbing an art museum there is something in this collection for everybody. And more. Love, loss, survival, lust, deception, greed Beetashok Chatterjee has covered them all. And more.

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Deyga – pure and organic products to suit all skin types

I have always had sensitive skin and a propensity towards allergic reactions when I use cosmetics or personal care items. Sadly, that has meant that I have had to be very careful when using over the counter products because the chemicals and additives in the products often react with my …

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The purplish dawn

When a pinkish-purple dawn breaks o’er my land dribbling down to kiss the heather laden braes the misty wraiths swirl, clinging to the peat hags the wind sighs, caresses and murmurs for days Ruffling the heather stalks, it soughs past, it lags An enamoured lover it whispers and croons billowing …

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