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Tides of life

Book title – Tides of Life – a volume of poetry Publisher –  The Little Bootique Hub      Pages – 59 pages   Language – English Author – Kirti V Available on – Link – ————————————————————– ‘Tides of Life’ is a sweet little volume of poetry. It’s a book that you …

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Life’s little treasures

The poet says – ‘These 21 poems are a compilation of my little ways of capturing those sentiments of going back to the most cherished times of my life.’

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Mumblings and Musings

This collection of 44 modern poems is written both in blank verse and in rhyme. They are very visceral, relatable and thought provoking. The poems revolve around everyday life and people. The themes range from the fleeting nature of life, love, death, bigotry, faith, insanity, fate, Calcutta, Mumbai and more. Stunning images clicked by photographer Ashish Bakshi and the author accompany each poem; which takes in the still life, candid moments, vistas and unique perspectives to add another dimension to the poems.

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