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Stars from the borderless sea

What is true love? Who are soulmates? Can love be defined by the constructs of society and convention? Can an affair rescue a marriage? Can true love ever tear people apart? Two college mates fall in love, only to be separated-their love stays steady, though they meet just twice in forty years. A close-knit family, shadows from the past, a lingering suspicion, and a relationship put to the test. An emotionally unavailable husband, a hurt wife; and an affair that redeems and transforms. Three strong women, and their journeys. And love, as mature and strong as them. In these times of speed dating, hook-ups, and break-ups, Stars from the Borderless Sky, a collection of three riveting stories, takes an unconventional, honest, empathetic look at that most universal of human emotions—love.

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Where shadows follow

How would you feel if you meandered into a tale and suddenly found it leading you up a twisted path of intrigue and evil? Life is made up of light and shade. Just when you feel that things are in your control, the darkness moves in and edges the light out. That is when the shadows follow, creating an atmosphere of disquiet. The stories in this anthology do just that. They keep you wondering where they are leading you till the shadows catch up with you.

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The Wilderness retreat – Hyderabad

The thing about big cities is that however much we may love them; there are still moments when the heart yearns for solitude and a quieter place. It wants the din of the city to be drowned out by the quiet hum of nature. Cities vibrate at a frenetic pace, don’t they? But nature, nature vibrates at a melodious resonance. Together both may create our world but when the hectic vibrations of the city start to grate at ones nerves; it’s time for a break. Wouldn’t you agree?

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