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O’ F***! (I mean fish). Eww, what did you think?

This story was written to a competitive prompt on #ArtoonsInn for the #Navarasa competition.  Prompt – Your protagonist travels to a new country for the first time. What emotion takes over their life? I chose disgust’ as an emotion.  ————————————————————————————————————————-   Change is hard. But relocation – that’s harder, because …

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By the clock!

A lone, stout candle flickered inside the cottage. By its light an industrious servant worked. He was bent over a massive table heaped with an assortment of items. He grunted as he laboured over his task of rummaging through them and sorting them.

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Vakratunda Mahakaya

Warm tears welled up in Aastha’s eyes. ‘Bappa,’ she prayed silently. Any statement that began with that combination of words spelled bad news, didn’t it?

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