Kylie saves Dragonia

Book – Kylie saves Dragonia

Publisher –  Notion Press  Pages – 24 pages   Language – English

Author – Devaangi mehra

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As a 10 year old, I always had my head stuck into an Enid Blyton adventure. The stories took me to distant lands, introduced me to exciting new things and people and captivated me for hours. Yep, I was addicted to the books. I dreamed of one day going on such adventures. Or, if not that then I dreamed of one ay writing such an exciting book that could whisk a child away into a wondrous, fantastical world. My dream remained a dream. I did nothing to further my passion.

But, Devaangi Mehra is a 10 year old who has made her dream come true. A fellow Enid Blyton fan, she is a child with a vivid imagination but the clarity of an adult. Kiley saves Dragonia, adventures of Kiley warren is her first book. The book maybe Kiddie literature but Devaangi writes with a maturity that belies her age. The story is well thought of, the plot is clear and imaginative and the execution would captivate young readers for sure. Heck, I was captivated and no one would call me young!

The book is set is Scotland. The protagonist is a young girl named Kylie Warren who along with her beloved furry friend, a cat named Powette run into an unexpected visitor from a faraway land – a dragon. Together, they embark on an adventure to a fantastical land wherein Kylie helps her new friend save their kingdom from the attack of the Griffins.

The book is beautifully illustrated to complement the text and care has been taken to keep the font size large to make it easy for children to read it. If you have a young one at home, I recommend this book heartily. And, while you are busy reading it Devaangi is already off writing about Kylie’s latest adventure.


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