Book title – Bhumi – a collection of short stories

Publisher – Amazon Pages – 108 Language – English

Author – Tina Sequeira

Price – ₹ 0/- for the Kindle unlimited edition and ₹ 49/- for the kindle edition

Available on – Amazon

If I were to ask, ‘what is it that women, the feminine gender have in common with each other’; many of you would say it is their ability to procreate. And, I agree. God did bestow women with the ability to bring new life into the world. Now, some of you would also say that the commonality between all women is that they know suffering. I would agree with you on that too. Yes, we women do know suffering. But, more that the suffering, it is our fortitude; our strength that like a common denominator unites us and gives us an identity. Wouldn’t you agree?

That is what Tina’s book ‘Bhumi’ is about. The book is a compilation of sixteen formidable stories that move the ‘stree’ within us. These are tales of strength and of strength of character. But, more than that, these are tales that we can relate to. Tina’s protagonists are women and they are women who we see around us every day – our mother, our daughters, our sister, our friends, etc. Heck, for all you know, you could even be one of those women.

The stories relate to real life. They relate to problems and incidents and situations that we women encounter. Through the stories Tina attempts to teach us that no obstacle is insurmountable, no problem is sans a solution and that no situation in life is without support. All we have to do is look beyond the obvious and be ready to adapt. But, then isn’t adaptation what being a woman is all about?

The book is written in an easy narrative style that is steeped in warmth. The stories are littered with questions that make a reader stop and think. I found myself, stopping multiple times. Some of the stories also have brilliant tongue-in-cheek humour with just the right touch of satire to differentiate it from sarcasm. No, they are no cynical portrayals. In fact, it is their satire that stops you as a reader to be overly censorious in your judgement of them.

If you haven’t already read Bhumi and are one of those who like reading tales of fortitude, then this book is for you. If you are a woman who is standing at the crossroads of indecision, hesitant or scared to take that next detrimental step; then too this book is for you. It will give you much food for thought and who knows, may even make you come to a decision.

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