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Book title – Yakshini

Publisher – Rupa        Pages – 264    Language – English

Author – Neil D’Silva

Price – ₹ 0/- for the Kindle unlimited edition and ₹ 224/- for the paperback

Available on – Amazon

Purchase link – https://www.amazon.in/Yakshini-Neil-DSilva-ebook/dp/B07Y5DJTMM/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=yakshini&qid=1600318160&sr=8-1

Who or what is a demon? Is it a manifestation of our carnal desires? Or, is it a projection, astral or otherwise, of a part of us that we keep hidden even from our cognizant selves? Is it something that lurks inside all of us, maybe in our subconscious reaches, just waiting to lunge out?

Are demons born or are they created by us i.e., humans/the society? Or, contrary to the above, is a demon an actual physical being? Is it an entity separate from us, offering irrefutable proof that evil exists?

Well, these are just some questions that come to mind when you read Neil D’Silva’s Yakshini for such are the mythical and metaphysical elements that the author has dipped his quill into.

The book is the story of Meenakshi aka Meenu, a young girl trapped in a body not of her choosing. The body, its metamorphosis and what is hidden inside the body leads her down a path of discovery. Her journey is tempestuous.  As Meenu matures into a captivating young woman, inside her awaken desires that form the back bone of this book. It is around these desires and the consequence of them that the author has expertly woven this intriguing tale.

If my review does not delve into the nitty-gritty of the book, then I apologize. But, my intention is to recommend this book by intriguing you and yet maintaining the story-line and suspense. A writer puts their heart into a book. They put their life on pause mode. So, giving out the spoilers is the worst possible thing a reviewer/reader can do.

But, what I can tell you is that the book opens in a typically rural setting in India. As it often happens in life, the protagonist then traces a path to the bustling city of Mumbai. Mumbai opens up a whole new world of excitement. As Meenu matures, so do the desires slumbering within her. But, does she forget her roots? Does she forget the companions of her childhood? Or, does her past or her remembrances of that life arouse an ache in her heart? Is it their call she hears in the deep reaches of her soul? Is it their voices that niggle at her sanity and goad her to act?

Well, to know the answer, buy the book.

If you like stories steeped in mythology or those that delve into the metaphysical realm where sometimes reality and fantasy blur, then yes, this book is for you. This book lets you visualize yourself as Meenu for so powerful is the characterization. You live and breathe her. You feel the pangs of her heart, the flutters of her nervous tummy and also her fears. The language is taut which makes for a gripping narrative. For me, the part which I loved the most in this book is Meenu’s metamorphosis. That was stupendous.

However, I do recommend reading this book in as few sittings as possible if you want to really feel the character. This is not an anthology and sporadic reading will definitely mar the reading pleasure.

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