The absent citizen – the man who knew too much

Book title – The absent citizen…the man who knew too much

Publisher –    self published by the author   Pages – 294 pages   Language – English

Author–  Shashilaka Gadepally

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‘The absent citizen’ is a book about circumstances that can force a man to take action to change the course of things around him. The people of a land maybe its citizens but how many citizens truly understand the responsibility that comes with being a citizen? As citizens there are certain expectations that we have from the government and from our country and its leaders. When those expectations are not met, we grumble and complain. But, how many rise to the occasion and try to influence a change for the better? How many of us try to challenge the prevalent clime?


Not a lot, I bet!


This is a book about how an ordinary citizen when faced with impossible situations and travails takes note and tries to change things. There is always a choice, isn’t there? There is always more than one path to choose from. The motivation to act can always be found of one only delves deep into one’s soul. That’s what happens when Hitesh Sharma, the lead character accidently receives a voice mail which changes the course of his life. The voice mail forces him to jolt and opens up a can of worms that spill out as alarming situations. Faced thus with a situation, what can he do but rise to the occasion. That is how the absent citizen’ transforms from a reluctant participant into a protagonist who exposes a political conspiracy with far reaching ramifications.


The book has been written in an easy style and the language is simple and direct. The backdrop of Uttar Pradesh which has long since been a hot bed for political activity in India makes for the perfect location. The novel opens in Bareilly and it’s easy for a reader to visualize the scenes as they unfold. I guess no one in India is a stranger to the political clime of UP.


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