What is respect?


“So what did you learn from your visit to Earth?”

God asked eagerly to the angel he had sent.

“Do my children love each other? Do they live in peace?

Do they respect the world I created for them?” he queried.


The angel answered with sadness. “My Lord!

The young children you created respect their elders.

But, their parents do not respect their own parents.

Why so My Lord?” questioned the angel, confused.


God sighed deeply. “My angel,” he said ponderously.

“I taught man to respect all equally.

But sadly he does not practice what he preaches.

If only the child was really the father of man,

how different the world would be.”


“For respect cannot be taught for it is not a skill.

Respect cannot be bought for it is not a commodity.

Respect cannot be given for it is not a possession.

Respect cannot be taken for it is not a gift.


Respect has to come from within, naturally without urging.

It is an emotion that should arise without prodding.

Respect is a realization that changes perspectives.

Respect is a feeling that endows you with insight,” concluded God.

Image – Indian Yogi (Yogi Madhav) via unsplash



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