Miles and fears


Book title – Miles and fears

Publisher –  Red Grab Books      Pages – 244 pages   Language – English

Author – Rekha Mordani

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They say that opposites attract. Well, sometimes they first collide and then the attraction stems from that collusion. And, it often happens when its least expected.

Miles and fears is the story of two such people from backgrounds and settings that are poles apart. Paramjeet Singh, a career army man from the nation’s capital and Shireen, a kashmiri Hindu girl caught up in the incendiary flux of happenings that define terrorism in the Valley. In this beautiful setting these two people collide under the most unlikely of situations and from there on stems their attraction for each other. But, even amid their attraction, the embers of bitter reality burn. Shireen has seen the India army at its best and worst in the Valley as they struggled to control the insurgency. Sadly, it is the worst that has imprinted itself on her mind. That coupled with the imminent exodus of the Hindus from Kashmir to Delhi, sets the tone for the novel. Can Shireen overlook her fears to embrace a love that is the worst nightmare? Will the brave Major Paramjeet, himself no stranger o strife, be able to peel away the layers of fear that coat Shireen’s heart?

This is a book about the fears that a soldier’s family grapples with every time that the solider is deployed to a forward base. The novel is a contemporary romance and yet it questions the issues that have plagued India and Kashmir for over 60 decades. This is a book about love, loss and friendships. This is also a book about a mishap that has the potential to turn life upside down. Can Shireen emerge from that? Can she find the peace that her heart desires? Will she be able to forget the atrocities of the past and embrace love and move ahead in the future?

If you come from a fauji background, this book will resonate with you. You will find it easy to implant yourself in the setting because it is something that you would have lived. The effort that the author has put in is commendable.

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