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Apple and cinnamon swirl bread

All of us eat bread, right? I mean, in one form or another, we do eat it. It happens to be one of the oldest man-made foods and comprises of one of the most staple food items globally. But did you know that bread also happens to be one of …

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Date and Walnut bread

#on_sonals_table Gosh, I love dates. No, no…not the literal kinds. Erm…on second thoughts, I like those too with my husband. But, what I mean is that I love the date fruit. There is something about its gooey sweetness that appeals to my soul. My husband and daughters hate it. They …

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Cheese and Garlic pull-apart bread

There are some days when we get sick of eating regular food. Or, as we Indians say, we get sick of eating ‘Daal-Chawal’. Those days, our soul craves succor. It craves sinking its teeth into something delicious or something gooey. Something that is super easy to whip up and satiates …

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