Tête-à-tête with Penmancy on introducing, nurturing and publishing new literary talent – 9.5.21

Tête-à-tête with Penmancy on introducing, nurturing and publishing new literary talent – 9.5.21

Link to YouTube session – https://youtu.be/6s8M_dXVy5A

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The advent of the digital age has made it possible for fledgling writers to join various literary platforms online and get in the much-needed practice to hone their craft. However, not all platforms out there offer quality or consistency in nurturing new talent. Some are inconsistent w.r.t the prompts or exercises that they give while others fizzle out and turn into chat forums.
But, that is where Penmancy has maintained both its qualitative and quantitative offerings. Rham Dhel and Kajal Kapur, the force behind Penmancy have striven to publish new literary talent every year.
Rham Dhel – Rham Dhel is a vegan who dabbles in writing fiction. Her stories usually involve humans trying to find meaning in a world in disconnect with its animal inhabitants. She’s an eco-child, a friend to all creatures, and a defender of the meek and mute beings of the wild.
She describes herself as a simple girl who feels most happy and free among meadows and streams, who can live without the city lights but not without the lights of stars, for whom the trees and the birds and their very flowers and feathers are like her own home and family.
The words atheist, vegan, and childfree/ antinatalist pretty much sum up who she really is. She is a Filipina, married to an Indian and living in and around the Himalayas since 2011.
Many of her short stories have been published in international and national collections, anthologies and magazines. Some of her articles, poems and other short stories can be read at https://hubpages.com/@astralrose and https://penmancy.com/author/rham-dhel/.
She is the Co-founder, Creative Head & Chief Editor at Penmancy.
Kajal Kapur – Kajal is a perpetual dreamer, a mind-vagabond and an eternal optimist. She has been a contributor to various online magazines and portals, successfully making her space in fiction writing before she settled on initiating a writing community that inspires and motivates aspiring writers to take that leap of faith.
As a writer, she has contributed to various anthologies of stories and published an experimental short story on KDP- Wazul Jhelum in 2019. She is working on a novella and a collection of short stories.
She is the Co-founder and Head of Operations at Penmancy
Kajal and Rham can be contacted via www.penmancy.com or [email protected]


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