O gust of wind

This poem is a traditional ballad in the AABC rhyme scheme


O gust of wind blowing through this land

Take a message, this letter from my hand

Take it; carry it forth to my one true love

The one who waits for my return at dusk


Rage if you must, but make haste O wind

Barrel through these arid lands of the Sindh

My love pines for me at the hour of twilight

Let not her hopes dim, go, keep them alive.


But, when you do reach her, slow your haste

Billow gently; lay not an opportunity to waste

To tease her golden tresses as I would often

Caress her rosy cheek, softly plant a kiss of love.


O wind, tell my beloved, I miss her so much

I wish I could hold her, feel her feathery touch

Alas! The war is not ended, liberty is not ours

I fear it’ll be a while before I can return home.


But, I vow to return, tell her that much for me

Tell her that very soon victory, here we shall see

Post haste I shall rush back home to my love

O wind, till then just carry my message to her.



Image – Indian army museum

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