Tides of life

Book title – Tides of Life – a volume of poetry

Publisher –  The Little Bootique Hub      Pages – 59 pages   Language – English

Author – Kirti V

Available on – Amazon.in

Link – https://www.amazon.in/Tides-Life-Kirti-V/dp/B09QCMX4QS/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=tides+of+life&qid=1644728329&sr=8-1


‘Tides of Life’ is a sweet little volume of poetry. It’s a book that you can literally pick up on the fly and carry with you as you sit in waiting rooms or on a park bench. The 31 poems written in free verse are unencumbered by the shackles of rhyme, syllables or meter. The verses are as free flowing as thoughts that flit in and out of the mind. The language is simple, discerningly so and that’s what’s one of this book’s alluring factors. You won’t have to refer to a dictionary as you read this volume. Quite a plus, isn’t that?

In the poems Kirti V speaks about life, friendship, love, expectations, kindness, being an adult and a host of other topics that as an individual we can relate to. Some of her verses are whimsical and littered with beautiful metaphors and analogies, such as:-

  1. Poem, ‘Outside my window’ – //Wrapped in a thin blanket, the sky looked coy, as a bride under her veil//.
  2. Poem, ‘Starry Lessons’ – //The dark blanket that engulfed the night, shone brightly in the celestial light//.

There are other poems in the book which are more direct in conveying their message. Examples:-

  1. Poem, ‘Missing you’ – //The photographs on the wall, the chair that you used to sit, remind me of your eyes, so filled with love and your smile so innocent and naïve//.
  2. Poem, ‘The Phoenix’ – //She lost her child to the cruel hand of superstitions. She wanted to shout out but was hushed and silenced by society//.

This book is a fairly quick read. And, it is a surprisingly sweet read for a person who does not like to read poetry.

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