Life’s no fairy tale

Girl, should you venture out, alone in the dark

Beware of the devils, the shadows that lurk.

For they lie in wait to pounce, nab and ravish.

Alas! Fair maidens like you, in the night, vanish.


So, beware of the hand that extends to help you.

It may accost and hold you, till the morning dew.

Listen to your gut, your instincts, and your mind.

Trust no one, but yourself at the warning sign.


Should you find yourself ever in a rut or a bind;

Keep your wits about you and outwit the fiend.

Let not yourself fall prey to their heinous lust,

Run, kick or fight; do everything that you must.


Girl, your wits are the only thing that will help

Do not cower, whimper, freeze or in pain yelp.

Go for the eyes, scratch and poke the sockets out.

Every chance you get, yell; fight them and shout.


Darling, life is no fairy tale for a girl in the dark.

Equality be damned, don’t listen to politicos bark.

Your life is more valuable than illusions of parity.

Keep yourself safe, do yourself this much charity.



Author’s note – This poem is a dedication to our daughters

About Sonal Singh

I believe that life is a repertoire of anecdotes. The various situations that we encounter, the many incidents of every day, the people we meet, our conversations with them; all make life a melange of tales. And, that is what I attempt to capture through my writing. My cooking is no different! It reflects my love for travel and my love for innovation. The kitchen is my happy place. So, even though by vocation I am a recruiter (, by passion I am a writer, home chef and a hodophile.

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