Vignettes – a slice of life


Book title – Vignettes, a slice of life

Publisher –  Kindle/Amazon       Pages – 36    Language – English

Author – Chandrika R Krishnan

Price – ₹ 0/- for the Kindle edition

Available on – Amazon


Vignettes – indeed a book that holds slice of life stories.

Only 36 pages in the book and flash fiction in the name of stories and yet, they pack a delightful dose of human life and relationships. Canoodled within these 36 pages is the story of millions of Indians – their joy and happiness, their hope and despair, their loves and losses, and their relationships with people around them.

As you read the stories which are backed by wonderful language, you are pulled into the life of these people and their thoughts. Whether it is battling loneliness to rising above obstacles or trying to make a difference during the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic; these stories offer a glimpse into the lives of real and very relatable characters. These are heart-warming stories of people who can be your neighbours, your friends, your acquaintances, your relatives and yes, even you.

Although the book is fiction, yet the author has dipped her quill in the well of pragmatic reality to present stories of the sundry, everyday and mundane life. She has created characters that you can identify with. They are not remote fictional characters cavorting in faraway lands. They are Indian characters, in India and trying to live through/manage and solve the same kind of problems that we encounter.

The book is a very short read and is delightful to say the least. I heartily recommend it.


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