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A mother’s loss

Wake up my child, my wee bundle of joy Wake up my heart, my breath, my boy. Wake up now for the world is calling Wake up now as my hopes are falling.   Wake up now and cry out aloud Wake up, my baby, make me a mum proud. …

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Dangers to be aware of in the waters of Maldives

Nestled like a pearl in the Indian Ocean, the beautiful island nation for Maldives is a literal paradise. Made up of coral atolls, this nation boasts some of the most enchanting vistas that a person can see. The beauty of Maldives is not just above the surface for this nation …

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The Kechak – a symphony of seductive movements

Most of us, in our childhood and particularly People residing in North India must have at one time or another seen the Ramleela performance. And, NO! I am not talking about Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s iconic celluloid dramatization – Ramleela. I am talking about the actual dance drama event that takes …

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